Dan Kelly


“I prefer to work at a slow, steady pace, I’ve never seen making my pots as a hundred yard dash.”

— Dan Kelly


John Hoyland

I worked with John Hoyland in 2001, producing with consultation a group of 8-10 large stoneware forms and a range of suitable coloured glazes.

John came to my studio and he applied the glazes with a free and painterly approach, he was experimenting for his own personal development and didn’t intend to show or sell these pieces. I was lucky enough to be invited to his studio and was able to see how he worked on his paintings using paints in a similar way to how he applied the glazes.

An example of this work can be seen sitting on a windowsill in this image of his studio (add image)

It was a real pleasure to meet and work with John as I had admired his paintings for many years, discovering them as a student in the 70s.


Adam Neate

I was approached by Elms Lesters Painting Rooms in 2007 to work with the street artist Adam Neate for his first solo exhibition at the gallery, called Paintings, Pots and Prints.

I was asked to produce a range of assorted vessels that Adam could use to realise his ideas in a 3D form. He worked with a monochrome palette of black and white slips and glazes, the natural clay background emulating the colour of the cardboard he was using for a lot of his 2D work at the time.

Adam and I discussed the type of forms I could make to give him the best shapes to work with and he came to the studio to apply the glazes and slips. This was quite a big collaboration and over 30 works were created for this sell out show. (I think it’s all online, add link)

It was an enlightening experience working with someone from such a different artistic starting point and approach.


Jose Parla

Another opportunity arose in 2010, through Elms Lesters Painting Rooms, this time working with Brooklyn based contemporary artist Jose Parla to produce a series of plates and plaques that he wanted to develop for a ceramics exhibition. He had seen some old English traditional earthenware pieces and wanted me to create a similar honey coloured lead glaze finish for his interpretations. This was a rewarding experience, moving me out of my familiar high fired stoneware/porcelain temperatures and giving me the chance to work with such a talented, interesting and established artist.(add images)